Be Zen

We manage your data, and keep it secure.


Our goal is to make events more Zen, for organizers and exhibitors alike; our focus is data management & security.

Our lead retrieval services (barcode & badge scanners) can work with any registration database, whether it be a custom in-house system, or another supplier. Our own database software can be provided when needed.

We are experts in collecting and providing data in whatever format required. Whether it be for lead retrieval for exhibitors & sponsors (in their booth or at a symposium), for organizers to track attendance for Continuing Professional/Medical Education (CPE/CME), or to track general movement, we are able to provide and analyse data with certainty.

We have combined unique services and skills to make the event experience as complete as possible while reducing the stress that goes with it. Therefore, we also offer many other accompaniments that an organizer or exhibitor may need while at an event. This includes preparation of exhibits, coordinating staff, and balancing budgets, Registration & B2B software, equipment rental (Laptops, printers, etc.), and much more.

Whatever services you may need, we strive to provide them in a way that will relieve you of that burden. Our “Kung fu” is strong!