Zen in Green

The Greener Side of Zen

EventZen believes strongly in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle motto. In their personal lives EZ-ists* are encouraged to follow the same. In business, and in the delivery of service to its customers, EventZen strives to select as green a solution as possible.

Examples of EventZen’s push for a greener event:

Lead retrieval units designed for quick charge and energy savings.

  • Printer-less solutions, reports in electronic formats
  • Rosewood USB Keys and Email for lead distribution (no paper!)

Lanyards made from recycled plastic bottles

Energy efficient servers

Badge Holders

  • Manufactured from plant-based PLA (Polyactide)
  • Will compost in Municipal/Industrial facilities according to ISO, CEN, ASTM -6400, BPI and DIN regulations

Badge Paper

  • Produced without to toxic whitening chemicals
  • Completely recyclable

Please feel free to contact us to learn about all our environmentally friendly solutions.

*EZ-ist: An EventZen staffer who strives to make your life easier.