Q: What type of lead retrieval units do you have?

A: We have hand held, wireless devices which can fit easily into a pocket or purse. We take them back each evening to recharge & and secure the data, thus there is no need to order power in your booth for the purpose of the lead units.


Q: How do I get my leads?

A: Your leads are emailed to you daily, and are cumulative. The file is in Excel format, and formatted for easy importation into databases. You can also purchase a USB key which contains the leads information in Excel and PDF.


Q: Are the package rates daily or for the duration of the event?

A: All rates for packages & additional services are for the duration of the event, except for hostesses & photographer.


Q: What is the Instant “Thank you” to your leads?

A: The Instant “Thank you” to your leads is a service we provide, immediately following the closure of the event. We send a generic thank you that includes your contact information to all your leads, basically thanking everyone for visiting your booth. It acts as a reminder & ensures that potential clients have your contact information.

You can also send us a custom text if you prefer that to our generic text.


Q: What is on the USB key?

A: The USB key contains two formats: Excel and PDF. The Excel is in a format for easy importation into databases. The PDF has been formatted for printing on 8 ½” by 11” (regular size paper).


Q: What do the hostesses do?

A: They help you represent your company in your booth. They will come in during setup to review your pamphlets, and learn some of the key words for your products. In Montreal, for example, they will be bilingual even if you’re not.


Q: What software is on the laptop I can rent?

A: Our laptops have Windows 7 Office, Skype, & Adobe Reader. If you require other softwares, please ask and we may be able to accommodate.


Q: Do your lead retrieval units have printers?

A: No, we find printers are both bulky and unnecessary. With a qualifier sheet (free if completed before the event), you can take all the notes you need. Everything will then be in you daily Excel reports. This is to make your life easier. You can import the information directly into your database rather than having to type up all your notes at the end of an event, saving many hours of work.


Q: What are the Paper Reports?

A: The Paper Reports are a printed format of the Excel file you receive in your email. This is especially useful if you are traveling, don’t like staring at a screen while on the move, and you want to review your leads before you get to your next destination.


Q: What is the Custom Qualifiers Sheet?

A: The Custom Qualifiers is broken up into three sections: Products & Services, Actions, Sorts. You will receive a sheet with barcodes corresponding to each item entered on this “Qualifier Sheet”. Thus rather than taking notes on potential clients, you scan their badge or name tag, then scan the items on your Qualifier sheet. All this will then appear in your daily reports.

Products & Services – Here you would enter the products and services you are offering to potential scanners. When a client expresses an interest, you can scan some or all of the products and services.

Actions – These are the actions you normally take with clients. You can use this to take note of what the next action to take with each potential client.

Sorts – This can be used to sort clients into groups. Perhaps you want to know which of your booth representatives scanned which client, enter their names and you will have a barcode for each. Perhaps your company separates their leads by regions, list the regions and we’ll provide you with a barcode for each. There are many ways to sort, and you may have a different way that we listed, that’s why they are Custom Qualifier Sheets, we customize to what you need.


Q: What does the Morning Delivery Service consist of?

A: At times the registration area is not close to the exhibit and you may want to ensure your booth representatives pick up the lead retrieval unit in the morning, thus we deliver it to your booth before the exhibit opens. It is still your responsibility to return it at the end of the day.


Q: Will EventZen have a person onsite?

A: Yes, we always have a representative onsite to help with any technical assistance, or last minute changes to customized solutions. We are usually located near the registration area.

Our number 1-888-777-8613 option #2 forwards to our cell phones to reach us at all times.