Privacy Policy

EventZen collects data to be distributed to the association, organizers, or promoters of a particular event for which EventZen has been engaged in servicing. Information is also given to exhibitors that attendees allow to scan their badges at a particular event. EventZen reserves the right to use an attendee’s or exhibitor’s information to produce statistical reports on the event for which that attendee or exhibitor has registered. Any other uses of personal information will require the particular person to acknowledge the information’s use by EventZen by opting to do so. (Opt In).

EventZen at no time owns the data collected, thus belonging at all times to the client it was hired by to collect it. This data can only be distributed to the client who has engaged EventZen. Any other persons requesting a copy of the data, in part or in whole, must make their request directly with the owners of that data.

Please check with your association, organizers, or promoters for more information on their privacy policy, and their use of personal information.