Continuing Education Credits & Accreditation (CME, CPE, UFC, etc.)

Our Lead Retrieval barcode scanners are used in a variety of ways by exhibitors and organizers, & our system has been setup for many types of tracking. For this reason, we are also able to provide CME/CPE/UFC accreditation services. We are able to provide this in a various formats, including simple participation scans, to a more complex method in and out scanning for total time attendance and conversion to credits.

There are several benefits to scanning session participation:

Many events use honor based accreditation, but by scanning for participation, it adds a validated proof of participation to certificates distributed after the event. Furthermore, if there is concern that participants are not remaining for the entire sessions, we can scan entry and exit, and determine a minimum time required for accreditation. Overall, when asked about your accreditation process, you can reply “Those credits were earned and validated, we have the reports to prove it”.

Scanning at sessions provides statistics. We can follow the interest levels of sessions based on participation, and length of time in session (do people leave early), and can cross reference profiles with sessions attended to know who was interested by which subject. In the case of sponsored sessions, your sponsors may like to know who attended their session.