Event & Exhibitor Services

Organizers know what they want at their events but not always how to achieve it. EventZen’s additional services help in this respect. Whether it be advanced reporting for a home grown registration system (yes we can connect our reports system to you), or it be as simple as having our masseuse available onsite for 20 minute massages, we have the complimentary services to make your event fulfilling.

With the experience of having jointly participated in over 400 events, EventZen professionals can give experienced consultation on deciding a venue, building an event schedule, choosing the best supporting activities for your event, to selecting a transport supplier.

Exhibitors may also want that massage, but they are often wondering what they will do once they return to their offices. A successful event needs to be followed up with successful build up on what was begun at the event. EventZen offers many services to guide you through the year including building up to the next event.

With many off the shelf products available, it is sometimes difficult to decide which best suits your company. EventZen’s consultants have intimate knowledge of many of these products as well as knowledge of how to decide which product best suits your needs and can best be integrated into your company. We can assess the costs and benefits as well as set a plan of action to cause least interruption when applying these solutions.