Lead Retrieval & Validation

Lead retrieval should be considered the most important aspect of any exhibit booth. Without the collect of qualified leads, the investment of an exhibit booth is unexploited and opportunity squandered.

Our lead retrieval units are hand held, wireless, high battery life, and can hold thousands of scans. This makes our unit portable for any situation, paper free for a better environment, and long lasting for those big events. Using a 1D barcode also ensures that there is no information available on the badge for data theft, thus making us compliant with the most stringent privacy policies.

We work together with both organizers and exhibitors to offer a cost effective solution for any budget, while also having a wide variety of addition services for those whom money is no question in comparison to data they intend on collecting and using. This includes, but not limited to, Lead Validation, which offers exhibitors a cost efficient way to validate leads and set up appointments. We will call your leads to confirm they are interested, and set up appointments between your potential client and your sales team. With a validated list, and a call schedule, your sales persons can then jump right into what they do best.