Registration Services

As we handle data for various clients, we have developed a sophisticated database application. In addition to being able to handle accounting data, it is also used for registration services. Our registration can include online web-forms, automated invoicing and receipt sending, credit card processing, badge printing, and much more.

Should your event need an online form for participants to complete and make a payment, we have the solution. Our registration forms include capability to have promotional and rebate codes. Promotional codes provide a way to sell a particular package at a discounted rate, while rebate codes allow you to offer a percent rebate to all packages for a limited time.

Our system can be connected to your credit card processor in order to process payments and deposit direct to your bank account. The system also, automatically sends invoices and receipts. Furthermore, it has its own printing system so that you can generate badges for your participants directly from the system. Several templates are available, and custom formats can be produced for particular needs.

Onsite, we can provide equipment and personnel to handle printing badges as participants arrive. Our terminals include double monitor for registrants to see our staff sees, to quickly correct for any human error and thus provide more accurate data. Our printers can more than handle any volume presented. Our team consists of experienced event personnel.