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EZ Leads App Privacy & Usage Policy

Last updated October 27, 2019

EventZen’s EZ Leads app (APP) is designed to be used by exhibitors (CLIENT) to collect data by scanning badges/name tags, at conferences & trade-shows. The APP saves the collected data to EventZen servers for the purpose of safe keeping on the behalf of the CLIENT. Aside from the data being collect by the APP, the APP does not collect personal information from the CLIENT’s device.

EventZen will regard any and all statistical reporting provided by EventZen’s services to the CLIENT as confidential, and the exclusive property of the CLIENT. Data is stored on the EventZen servers only for the purposes of backing up the CLIENT’s data. Upon the CLIENT’s request EventZen will destroy all statistical information gathered for the CLIENT. Proof of said destruction will be provided in the form of an official letter, on EventZen letterhead, signed by an authorized administrator of EventZen. Confidential information shall be delivered only to the CLIENT’s designated representative. The CLIENT will regard all aspects of the Solution delivered by EventZen as confidential, and will not disclose any information about the Solution to anyone without the expressed written permission of EventZen.

EventZen acknowledges that the information that is provided by the CLIENT is treated on a confidential basis and shall always remain in the exclusive property of the CLIENT, or its representatives. As such, EventZen, as well as its administrators, representatives and assigns, shall not disclose, use, dispose of, copy, publish, circulate, or communicate any confidential information belonging to the CLIENT, during and after the term of this Contract without the written consent of the CLIENT, unless this information is already known to the general public, with exception to mention in EventZen’s client portfolio.

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